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#INSPIRE: Alex Beresford w. Javone Prince [GuBerry Media]

My latest video shoot/edit:

As the second guest of new series #INSPIRE, GuBerry Media are thrilled to have interviewed actor and comedian Javone Prince (Phone Shop, Channel 4; The Javone Prince Show, BBC).

Animatedly discussing his struggle to the top via knock-backs, depression and many years of hard work, Javone speaks candidly to presenter Alex Beresford in what proves to be an entertaining and inspiring insight into his journey so far.

Full interview -

Thanks to GuBerry Host Alex Beresford, Executive Producer Ik Agu, Logo Designer Phil West, Music Producer Kwesi Stephen Gepi-Attee and Javone, for sharing his inspiring story with us!



#INSPIRE: Alex Beresford w. Natasha Benjamin - Interview

INSPIRE: Alex Beresford w. Natasha Benjamin

Natasha Benjamin’s inspiring interview with Alex Beresford (ITV, Channel 4) that I DOP’d, edited and packaged for the web to launch GuBerry Media (Exec. Producers: Alex Beresford, Ik Agu).

“Speaking with a brave honesty to presenter Alex Beresford, Natasha recounts her experiences of domestic violence and mental illness before passionately explaining the transformation of her life that now allows her to help others overcome similar issues. Natasha’s story is truly inspirational.”

Big thanks to GuBerry Media for the platform, Phil West Illustration, Design, Photography for the superb design work, Kwesi Stephen Gepi-Attee for the wicked music and both Jon Davey and Zahid Fayyaz for the generous contributions of expertise and equipment.

Full interview embedded below or available on YouTube at >>>



Video Mini-Series with Daniel Waples (Hand Pan/Hang Drum)

Like millions of other people, I was stunned by the videos that emerged online of Daniel Waples busking to captivated audiences with his Hand Pan/Hang Drum. Having never seen or heard the instrument before, it was a staggeringly unique experience both visually and audibly.

Lucky enough to cross paths with him (his globetrotting schedule is intense!), we worked together (along with Audio Wizard/Composer Morgan Davenport) to create a mini-series of videos including an interview, two solo musical performances and a duet performance with the superbly talented violinist Flavio Lopez!



'Indigo' by Anouck

This is the second of two stripped-down performances I've filmed recently with the very talented singer-songwriter Anouck (with great audio recorded here by producer Alex Bakker).

The original mix of this track has been getting some high-profile interest from the media, including an exclusive first-play from DJ Target on BBC Radio 1Xtra.



YouTube Re-Design

DPT YouTube ReDesign Screenshot.png

My YouTube Channel has had a huge upgrade over the past few days.

I've introduced a consistent colour theme and branding across all content, as well as updating the thumbnails of videos to feature more dramatic, better-cropped screenshots. Hopefully this will improve the visual impact of my content whilst also simplifying the experience for those visiting.

The great new banner image was created by graphic designer and illustrator Phil West.